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"RTFM - which FM?"

Different people learn in different ways. At Core Developers Network, we understand this, which is why we don't limit our service offerings to documentation alone. Frequently there are seemingly hundreds of books and manuals that cover a topic, but often it is hard to know which one is worth reading or has the answer to your problem. It can take days to read the content we can cover in just one training session.

At Core Developers Network, we don't focus on a single vendor or technology. Instead, we offer a holistic approach to training that provides a way to get the information you need in an intensive course that covers the important aspects of a topic, as well as giving you the opportunity to get your own specific questions answered by Core Developers.

Enterprise Architecture Track

Are you an experienced architect faced with the challenge of building or maintaining a reliable, scalable enterprise system? Do you realize that there is no one right solution? This track focuses on the design challenges of business critical systems, real world solutions to real problems, and how to determine the most appropriate engineering compromise.

Transaction Oriented Design with J2EE[syllabus]
The design principles for enterprise transaction processing systems.
London April 2005
J2EE Design Patterns[syllabus]
The application of design patterns for enterprise applications in the J2EE platform.

J2EE Development Track

Aimed at Senior Java Developers looking to build applications using the J2EE platform, this track focuses on best practices and design guidelines that can be applied to any vendor's implementation.

Introduction to J2EE
A seminar format introduction to the J2EE platform and the tools that can be used to build applications.
Presentation: The Web Tier[syllabus]
Covers the J2EE 1.4 Web Tier, including Servlet2.4 and JSP2.0, with in-depth examples from Jetty, Tomcat, JBoss and Geronimo.
London March 2005
Presentation: Web UI Frameworks
Covers the leading UI Frameworks, such as Struts and Java Server Faces, and how to select an appropriate solution for an application.
Business: Effective EJBs[syllabus]
Covers the implementation of the Business Tier, the effective use of EJBs and alternative solutions.
Available Upon Request

Technology Platform Track

Also aimed at Senior Developers, this track focuses on specific technology platforms, the best practices and design guidelines for using them.

Geronimo: The Open Source J2EE Platform
A seminar format introduction to the Apache Geronimo J2EE Application Server.
ComingQ2 2004
Geronimo: Data Persistence
An in-depth course covering mechanisms for data persistence in Apache Geronimo. Covers BMP and CMP EJBs and mechanisms for tuning data access.
ComingQ2 2004
Geronimo: Security
An in-depth course on security in Apache Geronimo, covering mechanisms for authentication, authorization and auditing.
ComingQ2 2004
Geronimo: Clustering
Covers techniques for scaling applications and increasing uptime by clustering Apache Geronimo servers.
ComingQ2 2004
Geronimo: In Production
Covers the installation, configuration and administration of Apache Geronimo in production environments.
ComingQ2 2004