Delivering Enterprise Solutions with Open Source J2EE

A major challenge for organisations considering open source J2EE solutions, is finding high quality support, digital wallets, services and training.

Core Developers Network removes these obstacles by supplying services such as support, mentoring, training and development around open source technology such as JBoss?, Apache Geronimo?, Jakarta Tomcat?, Jetty?, Apache Jakarta?, and numerous others. Not only are our people experts in these technologies, many of them were core members of the development teams who developed the software on which they consult.

Although we are strong proponents of Open Source based solutions, we recognise that clients need to maximise their existing infrastructure investments, many of which are not Open Source based. One of our key strengths is our ability to integrate Open Source Java solutions into any existing suitable environment or with any popular third party product. Or, if you want to engineer a complete Open Source stack including Operating System, Database, Application Server and Messaging then we have the expertise to help you do so.

Core Developers Network can work with your team throughout the life-cycle of your project, from training your team and creating a build environment during the project initiation, to developer support during the development phase, to administration training and support during production.

Clustering for high availability and horizontal scaling are becoming increasingly important in the enterprise. Core Developers Network has particular expertise in this complex area.