Core Support

"It took me 3 hours to figure that out - when you could have told me in 5 minutes."

Do you remember an experience such as this? When someone wouldn't just give you the answer because they felt it was important for you to have done the work yourself? That kind of research may be beneficial for college students, but when you are on a critical project or your system is down, you simply don't have the time to search mailing lists, archives, or source code to figure out the answer to a simple problem. At Core Developers Network we believe that time is money, and your time is better spent solving real business problems.

Remote Development Support

Remote development support enables your team to have access to Core Developers Network. Your team will have direct contact with the people who wrote the software you use every day. This method of support works as follows:
  • You buy a fixed number of support hours
  • We assign you a single point of contact into the network based on an assessment of your development needs
  • You can call or email your support lead with any support issues (alternatively you can enter the problem directly into our issue tracking system)
  • Your support lead will respond to your issue (most issues are resolved within one day)
  • You will be able to track the progress of your issue on our website
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On-site Consulting

A consultant will come to your site to review your system architecture, jump-start your application development, or train your developers. On-site consulting is priced per diem, plus an additional fee for any training module presented. In general we require a 4-day minimum for on-site support, but exceptions may be made if, for example, there is a consultant in the area.

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Funded Development

Sometimes open source software does 99% of what you need, but is lacking a critical feature. With funded development you can get that critical new feature added in accordance with your project timeline. Pricing will vary depending on the nature and scope of the requested development.

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