Core Values

These principles were agreed upon by every partner before our company formed. Everything we have built since then has grown out of the simple but important idea that personal integrity ultimately determines success in business. They were the inspiration for creating Core Developers Network? and now they are the basis from which we can move forward in business. They set a high standard of conduct and speak about the character of our partnership.

Without personal integrity, relationships are worthless. Without relationships, everything else is equally worthless. We hold both sides of our business relationships to equally high standards of integrity.

Once you have integrity, openness follows. We're dedicated to the free exchange of information. We keep our business dealings open with one another and with the public. Of course, there are legal and practical limits to openness in business, but we favor honesty to secrecy.

When making business decisions, we always consider what is fair for our partners, customers and anyone else whose interests might be at stake. We conduct an honest and fair business.

We set clear, mutually acceptable expectations for ourselves and our associates. We manage for consistent achievement and change. We push for continuous improvement in everything we do. We are all here to improve our knowledge, develop our skills and do the best work possible.

If our business is to grow and improve, it must be profitable. Each one of our partners is responsible for contributing to our profitability and for careful spending. We are prepared to take risks, but also take the consequences and benefits of those risks into consideration before we act.

Out of respect for the people whose lives, homes, families and businesses depend on us, we adapt our business model to provide for their needs. Every place in the world is of equal importance to us, and no place shall take precedence over any other.

We are by nature builders. We define ourselves by our accomplishments and strengths instead of by the failures and weaknesses of others. We keep a positive and constructive approach to our business and technological pursuits.