Jetty is a 100% Java" HTTP Server and Servlet Container providing a J2EE" web tier. Jetty can be used as a standalone HTTP/Servlet server or as an embedded server as part of an application or application server. Jetty is the default web tier provided with JBoss" and many other products and projects.

Mort Bay Consulting are partners of Core Developers Network" and are the main developers and copyright holders of the Jetty server. Core Developers Network" is the preferred channel for Mort Bays training and support services.

License: Jetty (Artistic Based)

Project Site:
Jetty 4.2.22 (binary 5 MB | source 1 MB)
Jetty 5.1.1 (binary 8 MB | source 1 MB)

Servlet 2.4 Specification Review Greg Wilkins (free!)
Jetty Tutorial Jan Bartel (free!)
JettyJBoss FAQ Jules Gosnell (free!)
Jetty Optimization Guide Greg Wilkins (free!)

Open Source J2EE" Web Tier

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Mort Bay Consulting hosts several mailing lists dedicated to Jetty.