J2EE? Design Patterns


  • What works well, and what doesn't? This course focuses on J2EE design patterns and anti-patterns, covering the pros and cons of each and how to effectively apply them in real world applications.


  • Familiarity with J2EE technologies including Servlets, EJBs, JMS and JCA.
  • Familiarity with Patterns and their application.
  • Familiarity with J2EE Blueprint Patterns.
  • The content is aimed at enterprise architects and senior developers responsible for the design of enterprise systems.


  • Day 1 -- Patterns, Blessing and Curse
  • J2EE Issues
  • Overview of Pattern Space
  • Transaction Patterns
  • Day 2 -- Presentation Patterns
  • Web Frameworks: Patterns for Struts and JSF
  • Presentation Patterns
  • Handling Large Data Sets
  • Day 3 -- The Business Layer
  • Patterns for EJB Object Models
  • Making CMP EJBs Work
  • Data Object vs. Bulk Access Patterns

Where and When:

  • Coming Soon

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