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Welcome to Core Documentation, the online documentation source from Core Developers Network. These documents are written by core developer partners and associates and are made publicly available in the spirit of the open source movement.

Core Documents

General J2EE
J2EE Locking Guide JeremyBoynes 08/01/03
Servlet 2.4 Review GregWilkins 10/15/03
CMP/JBoss: The Definitive Guide JeremyBoynes 06/29/03
JCA/JBoss: Configuration Guide DavidJencks 06/29/03
JMS/JBoss: Administration Guide RemigioChirino 06/29/03
JMS/JBoss: Developers Guide RemigioChirino 06/29/03
Netbooting JBoss? JeremyBoynes 06/29/03
Optimization Guide GregWilkins 08/01/03
Jetty/JBoss FAQ JulesGosnell 02/06/03

Open Documents

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