JMS/JBoss - The Core Administrator Guide

By Remigio Chirino

What's in this Guide?

This guide is targeted at JBossMQ administrators but it should alsobe usefull for any user that runs a JBossMQ server. It will provide a detailed overview of the server components as well as cover basic and advanced administation topics.

Table of Contents

Server Components
JBossMQ is composed of several components working together to provide JMS API level services to client applications. All of the components will be reviewed in this section in order to obtain a deeper understanding of the JBossMQ server and how to optimize it.

Destination Administration
Managing the destinations on the JBossMQ server will be the most common task that an administrator will have. This section will explain how to quickly create new queue or topic destinations on a JBossMQ server.

Runtime Administration Via JMX
JBossMQ statistics and several management functions are accessible via JMX. JMX can be accessed interactively via a Web Application or programmatically via the JMX API.

Advanced Administration
Advanced topics such as securing access to destiantions, choosing the right Connection Factory, and tuning the message cache.

JBossMQ MBean Reference
The JBossMQ server is an assembly of JMX MBeans. This chapter provided an in depth reference manual to the MBeans exposed by JBossMQ.