How to Download VivaCut Video Editor on PC – Windows 10/8/7

In this era of advanced Sci-fi movies and awe-inspiring visual effects, one couldn’t believe how real they look. Though we cannot achieve the level of perfection in editing these movies have, we still can learn and practice their skills on something affordable.

That is why we are here to introduce you to the VivaCut Pro app. It is not just another clumsy editing app; they give you something worth your time. Talking about its capabilities, the VivaCut app  has already become one of the top video editing apps for Android and Apple.

Can You Run The VivaCut App On Windows PC?

The answer is yes. You can easily download and run the VivaCut on your PC with the help of an Android Emulator. It will be helpful to those who love to edit on big screens for more precision. However, if you are looking for installer for Windows speficifically, the .exe version installer then you won’t be able to find anything.

That’s because this is an exclusive Android and iOS app. Right now, the Windows version is not available, so the use of emulator is required to make it work on PC. If you understand that and still want to continue, continue reading on. But before anything else, we will tell you more about the VivaCut app.

Special Trait About The VivaCut App

VivaCut Pro Video app is packed with advanced tools. You will find top-notch Hollywood level SFX and mixing here.

You can reshape, blend, overlay, mask, and add eye-catchy fonts with added music. Hence, there are a bunch of specialties that you will get from this app which makes it stands out against other video editor available.

What Are The Features Of VivaCut?

Let’s dive a little deeper into the VivaCut app and see what it offers to its users and customers:

  1. Simultaneous Videos

One of the best techniques to learn about movie-making is to induce two different clips into a single one and work together like a charm. This excellent tool is fun to use in this video editor.

  1. Frame to Frame Editing

Every frame counts! Those who are into the editing field know how much precision you need to do on each frame. Therefore this app allows you to work individually on each edge. You can set effects, music, masks, etc. on the frames you want.

  1. Multiple Layering

While adding special effects to a video, one effect is not enough. That is why multiple layering tools are used. It helps you work on either a single frame, a set of frames, or the video as a whole. You can add multiple effects, texts, bokeh masks, etc.

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The multiple layering is one of the best things in this app. A lot of YouTubers use this tool to enhance their videos.

  1. The Green Background Effect

You must have seen the BTS of some videos. We all wonder how they would manage to film such unforgettable scenes just in a studio. That is what the Green Background does. You can almost put any effect on the backdrop due to this thing.

Surprisingly, the VivaCut pro app presents one of the best features you could find on an editing app: The Chroma Key Effect. Now you can mix your videos with phenomenal backgrounds thanks to this feature.

  1. Video Collages

Photo collages are so 2010. Now the game is up, and apps like VivaCut Pro are introducing video collages. This feature is rarely found in other apps. You can now make epic collages of your videos and upload it to your YouTube and TikTok to gather remarkable responses.

  1. Music Integration

Music integration is another cool feature offered by the VivaCut app. You can add music at any time frame, set transitions according to the music, amplify the music to your choice, and extract music or sound effects from any video.

You can also add as many tracks in VivaCut as you want to create a cinematic effect to your videos.

Some Cons of the VivaCut App

Random Crashes

Adding clips and effects makes the video project too heavy. Some android devices and PCs could not handle it. Especially if you are using an older smartphone. This issue may lead to abnormal behavior or even the crashing of your application.

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Exporting Takes too Long

Suppose you have added a lot of stuff in your video. In that case, you might wait for a reasonable amount of time as exporting the video from the VivaCut app to your local storage can consume ages to export, especially if the video quality is in 1080p or 4K.

No Video Longer than 5 Mins

If you are using the VivaCut Pro free version, you already lack many unique features. On top of that, you can only create a video project that cannot exceed up to 5 minutes.

So, if you cannot afford to buy the premium VivaCut pro subscription, you have to stick to this limited duration.

Issues with Music Clipping

There is an issue while clipping the audio file to a particular clip. The clip would not play the audio at the exact time, or the music gets trimmed.

Install Guide Of VivaCut App On PC – Windows/Mac

To install the VivaCut Pro Video editor on your PC, we will use an Android Emulator. The MEmu Emulator is one of most top-rated emulators on PC. This also applies for people who uses a Mac. In order to install it, just follow the steps written down here:

  • Get the MEmu Emulator from their site.
  • Execute the installer to start the setup on your PC.
  • Read and accept the terms and conditions to continue the installation.
  • Open the MEmu emulator from your desktop after you completed the installation.
  • Find the Google Play Store and then login your Gmail account.
  • Search the VivaCut Pro on the Google Play Store.
  • Hit the Install button once you found its page.
  • You will be notified when VivaCut completed the installation to your computer.
  • To open the VivaCut app on your PC, go to MEmu home and then tap its icon.
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Frequently Asked Queries

Is VivaCut Pro Free?

Most of the features in the VivaCut application are free. However, you can also buy a Premium VivaCut account, which offers more professional capabilities to its users.

What is VivaCut?

VivaCut is one of the best video editing apps for making professional and aesthetic videos to upload on your Social media.

Which App is Best for Making YouTube Videos?

A lot of video editing tools is good for making YouTube videos and one of them is the VivaCut. You will realize that it is one of the best apps for making videos once you started using it.

Bottom Line

VivaCut Pro has taken the lead from all sides, from editing to mixing to adding incredible visual effects. If you want your video projects to be truly remarkable, use the VivaCut as your video editor. The good thing is, you can run this wonderful application of Android into your computer whenever you use an emulator program.

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