How To Download Mystic Messenger On Windows 10/8/7

Mystic Messenger app is not just any other dating or messaging application. The developers of this app wanted to create something that will truly enchant you from the start to the surrealism level that you will start to question everything.

The Mystic Messenger app is one of the most trending Android apps on the Internet these days. The endless mystic features are there to amaze you at every level. You can get this excellent program on your PC too. We will tell you all about the Mystic Messenger app now.

Why Should You Use the Mystic Messenger App?

The Mystic Messenger App is an International game. You will be connected with lots of guys around the globe. The Real-time chats, its mysterious levels, and the following different storylines make this game such a unique experience.

The Mystic Messenger features fictional anime characters, and they are a charm to talk to.

What Are The Features Of The Mystic Messenger?

Let’s tell you what the Mystic Messenger game has to offer to all of its new users.

Real-Time Messaging

As already mentioned, the Mystic Messenger app will connect you with lots of people. They will text you, interact with you, send you voice messages, and even call you. You can do the same with them. The fun thing is that all of it will happen in real-time. You will receive calls and texts at any random time, and it is up to you if you want to continue the story.

Limited Duration

The whole gameplay of the Mystic Messenger application consists of 12 days. The storyline of the first four days will remain all the same for every user. The twist will start from the 5th day.

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After the 5th day, you will have to choose a specific character of the story and go on with it. There would be different routes and different stories; each will come with their consequence: worst, standard, and best endings.

Story Modes

As we have said already, this whole Mystic Messenger game is a fictional setup. You will be fictional, too, played in a story. You will be given a choice to choose which story you want to be in.

The best way is to follow the story modes sequentially to get the best of your Mystic Messenger game.

There are three types of story routes in the Mystic Messenger app:

  • Casual
  • Deep
  • Another

The Casual Mode

The Mystic Messenger’s simplest mode is the casual mode. It gives you small flashes and glimpses of what the ending would be but remains secretive throughout.

Three anime characters will appear one after one to lead you further to the game. These characters will be named Zen, Yoosung, and Jaehee. All of these characters will have their own unique stories to tell.

The Deep Mode

After the casual mode, you will be entered into the deep mode. This mode will be a cliffhanger for its users, as it will lead you to the final Another mode.

You will have to pay 80 HG (Game currency) to unlock the deep mode. In the deep mode, you will meet two unforgettable characters named Jumin and 707. After playing with Jumin, you will experience 707 which will lead you to the finale Another mode.

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The Another Mode

The most intriguing and concluding mode is the Another Mode. As fascinating as it may seem, the Another mode will be the toughest one to experience and equally entertaining. You will experience the V route and its storyline here and a secret character Ray.

Another mode will be unlocked by paying 300 HG, but you need to farm your currency and do a little struggle after the 707 experience.

Cons Of This App

There are some issues in the Mystic Messenger game app, too, that must be discussed. Take a look:

Real-Time issue

The Mystic Messenger is not for those with busy schedules. It is not just any other random game. Chats and events are happening in real-time, and you will have to respond to them promptly.

If you do not respond on time in Mystic messenger, you will have to pay with HG currency to unlock the chat to move forward.

Push Notification issue

The Mystic Messenger app mostly relies on push notifications due to the real-time issue. The issue occurs when you miss out on a crucial notification, which will make your progress slower and cost you more HGs.

Maintain HG

Maintaining the game currency HG (Hourglass) could be an issue. You can buy these HGs either through in-app purchases or by connecting with different people and responding promptly.

How to Download And Install The Mystic Messenger App On Windows PC?

The Mystic Messenger is available on iOS and Android devices. You can also get the Mystic Messenger for Windows. But you cannot get it directly, you will have to use another tool to install the Mystic Messenger. This tool is the emulator such as Bluestacks. Follow these steps to get Mystic Messenger on the PC.

  • Open and browse the website of the Bluestacks.
  • Find the download page and select the installer right for your computer.
  • To install the Bluestacks, browse the installer and then double click it.
  • Accept the conditions and requirements then click the install button.
  • After installing, now is the time to go to the Play Store.
  • Open it and then input the details of your Gmail to login from it.
  • Enter the query “Mystic Messenger” on the Play Store.
  • Hit the download button to save the app on the emulator.
  • To run it, click its icon from the home menu of Bluestacks.
  • Enjoy the Mystic Messenger.
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Is Mystic Messenger an Anime?

Yes, the hot characters in the Mystic Messenger are mostly anime.

Is Bluestacks safe?

Yes, it is safe as long as you only get this emulator from a trusted source or its official website.

Any other way to install the Mystic Messenger on my PC?

There is no other way to install it on a PC. That’s because it was only made for iOS and Android. To install it, you have to use an emulator program.


If you want to perfectly enjoy a fortnight of fun, mysteries, and enchantments, then there is no better option to commit yourself to the Mystic Messenger. It has everything you were looking for. Dive into its world and enjoy its fantasy.

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