Amino App: Communi-Chat with Everyone

What’s the best way to connect like-minded folks? Socializing through applications is one of the best ways to find people that love the same things as you.

Amino App is one of the most versatile social apps you will find on the internet. It’s fun, engaging, colorful, and it joins you with things and people you are interested in.

The Amino app is available for Android devices. You can use the Amino app for PC and Mac, too, with an emulator’s help. We will demonstrate how to download the Amino app on PC in this article. But first, let’s see what it has to offer.

Fun Facts About The Amino App

The Amino is a fun social app that keeps your identity hidden. You can customize your profile with lots of creativity. Make your profile so attractive that others find it fascinating and connect with you.

  1. CREATE your own community! If you think you have a unique idea, then don’t get shy and create a community according to your interest. Those who find it appealing will join it and expand your community. You can join other communities likewise.
  2. CHAT with people you find attention-grabbing. Your chat room is entirely customizable so decorate it the way you like. Engage other participants by sending cool pictures, emojis, and stickers. You can also use the Amino video and voice calling for more fun.
  3. WATCH awesome photos and videos. You can also use the Amino blogs to read other blogs or upload yours. The Amino app lets you post pictures and videos too. Comment on the things you like.
  4. COMMUNICATE with loads of in-app features. The news feed will show you all the material posted by your connections. You will find interest-related chat rooms with people from all over the world. Lots of Amino app quizzes are there to entertain you.
  5. EVOLVE with different identities. The Amino app will let you create a specific identity for a particular community. You can have multiple identities for different communities. This will help you adjust more with the people.
  6. HIDE! Sometimes you do not need to show the world who you are. You don’t even want the other person to keep track of what you chat. Private chats are there to entertain. These hidden chats can keep secrets.
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What Communities Can I Find On The Amino App?

There are many communities in the Amino app. It is hard to keep track of all. We will discuss the most popular Amino communities.


Pet lovers around the globe join the Amino app and connect with other pet lovers. They discuss all pet-related issues and advise each other regarding the well-being of their animals.


Life’s all about Glam! Folks love to talk about the latest fashion trends. They post their portfolios on the Amino app. The fashion community is hot at Amino.


What’s a community that doesn’t love music? The Amino app connects music lovers from all over the world. Those who have the same taste in music send each other their favorite tracks. Music is one of the most significant Amino app communities.


The LGBT community adds more colors to the Amino app. The Amino app is a safe space for them to share their mutual interests, virtually connect and become real friends.

Video Games

Of course! Like every other social media, the Amino app has a big community of people who love video games and other sports. Whenever there is a football league happening or a PUBG competition, you will see thousands of newsfeed updates in a few seconds.

Few Setbacks of This App

There are some issues with the Amino app and this will also discussed below:

Bad Image Quality

Many customers had issues with the picture quality of the Amino app. The pictures are badly pixelated. Some images do not also load that causes other users to miss out on important events.

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Spam Links

Lots of spammers roam inside the Amino. For Beginners, it’s harmful. They will post spamming and pornographic links. It can expose minors to inappropriate content. There are no measures taken to block spammers.

YouTube Disturbance

After the latest updates, the users cannot stream YouTube on the Amino app. The videos do not load, and one cannot even share them with the community.

Faulty Drafts

The draft feature in the Amino app is not working correctly. If you are writing a blog in the Amino app and haven’t saved your work yet, you might lose all of it if you go to another page.

How To Download The Amino App on PC Guide

The best way to download the Amino app on PC is by using an Android Emulator. We will use Bluestacks to download the Amino for PC and Laptops.

  • Go to the Bluestacks official website.
  • Download the Bluestacks emulator.
  • Install the emulator.
  • After installing Bluestacks, proceed to the main page.
  • Input all your Google account info.
  • Open the Google Play Store.
  • Search for “Amino: Communities and Chats.”
  • Install the Amino app for PC.
  • Enjoy and connect with the community.

Which App is the Best Alternative to The Amino App?

Discord app is the best Amino for PC alternatives. You will find many features similar to the Amino app. You can text, audio/video call, send photos/videos, and much more. Not to mention the Discord live streaming option, which lets other connected people interact and have fun.


Is Amino App Safe?

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The Amino app is suitable for ages above 12. We will recommend parent supervision as there are predators everywhere.

How Do You Become Popular On Amino App?

Search relevant communities, communicate with like-minded people, post daily about your interests, and interact with others.

Why Is Amino App Bad?

The spammers are the reason why the Amino app is considered flawed. You will find adult content and links posted at the Amino app, and no one takes notice.

Final Review

The Amino app is a creative, aesthetic, and productive social app. It will help you grow as a community with those whose ideas are the same as you. Ignore the bad stuff happening and join it to broaden your vision and make good online friends.

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