How To Run Zmodo App On Computer Using an Emulator

Staying connected with your Home is the biggest need these days, especially for those away from home. That is why you need high-quality surveillance that will become your eyes and ears at home.

Zmodo app is one of the finest house surveillance apps you will find on the Internet. Not only the Zmodo app is great, but it is award-winning as well.

What is the Zmodo App?

Zmodo app has been giving seamless services to its users since 2009. Millions of users have already made it a top-rated home monitoring application. Their products are sold worldwide, and there have been positive reviews about it.

All the Good Things about Zmodo App

Let’s demonstrate how awesome the Zmodo app is by telling you its excellent features:

Flash Thumbnail

The motion detection of the Zmodo app is highly accurate. As soon as there is a little disturbance on the view, the Zmodo will capture it and display the thumbnail on your notification screen as a push notification.

Affordable Cloud Subscription

Zmodo has a cloud storage subscription. You can either buy Zmodo monthly cloud, or you can go for Yearly one. Both are cheap but the subscription is even cheaper if you get the yearly subscription. There’s also an option for Zmodo – Premium or Platinum.

With these Zmodo cloud subscriptions, you can record as long as a 30-minute long live video footage of your home and save it. You can also watch your motion clips for as long as 7 to 30 days according to your subscription.

Ultimate Time-Lapse

Do you want a fast-forward way of reviewing the whole of your day? Well, the Zmodo app has got just the right thing.

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This app will put all the motion clips into a hyper-lapse mode to let you see all your day within a few moments.

24/7 Smart Monitoring

With the Zmodo app’s help, now you can watch what’s happening at your home anytime, anywhere.

Just open up the app, watch the Live video through different cameras at home. You can watch them all in a single-frame, too, with the help of split-screen camera functionality.

The app stores all of its data into its cloud storage, which you can access at any particular time.

Share Your Camera

Do you want other family members to use Zmodo on their PC as well? This is possible within this app. That’s because it allows you to share your ID with other family members to access video cams.

All you have to do is send invitations to the person you want to share the Zmodo app with, and after accepting the invite, that person will be authorized to use this app.

Easy Sync

There is no complex syncing system with this app. Just follow simple steps, and your cameras will be connected with the app.

Simple and Innovative

This app is designed in a way that it can be accessed by people who are not much aware of technology and apps. The simple layout makes the Zmodo app perfect and suitable for beginners.

Well-Managed Events

If there is motion detection or any video recording done, all of this can be seen on the events tab of the Zmodo app. Each camera will have its own space to show the events that happened in a day. It will make it simple to organize.

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Zero Lagging

The experts have designed this software and its cameras in such a precise way that there is almost no lagging between the app and Live feed.

Problems Encounter With This Software

Even though it has a lot of great features, there are also some drawbacks and we will also discuss it here:

Alarm Irregularities

There is an issue regarding the Zmodo alarm system. You have to turn the alarm option on to notify you about any alarm. If you do not, you might experience an alarming inconvenience.

Another thing about the Zmodo alarm is that one cannot set the alarm notification time, unlike the other apps.

Camera Rotation

You cannot rotate your camera through the Zmodo app. You cannot take a look at the sideways due to this issue.

No Local Storage

The latest update of the Zmodo app does not allow you to save your footage on your local PC storage. It is a huge drawback because you cannot view the cloud’s footage if you are not connected to the internet.

Cameras On/Off

Even if connected to the Internet, there are times that it will show you that the cameras have gone offline due to poor internet connection. It will become a mess, and you could lose sight of important events.

Random Crashes

In rare cases, if the app has detected motion, it will become quite slow and eventually crash.

How to Download Zmodo App For PC using LD Player Emulator

As you can see, this software is only accessible on Android devices. However, you can easily download the Zmodo app on a PC using an Emulator. We will show you how to do it, make sure to follow the procedures.

  • Go to the LD Player website.
  • Get the latest version of the LD Player from the download page.
  • Run the installer and then accept the terms and conditions to start the installation of the LD Player.
  • After that, proceed to the LD Player main page.
  • Find and click the Play Store to access it.
  • Enter your account details to log in to your account.
  • Now, look for the “Zmodo App” from the search.
  • To download it, click the install button.
  • The Zmodo app is ready to use after installation.
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Most Popular Questions That People Asked

These are the frequently asked questions about this software.

Is The Zmodo App Free?

Yes, it is free to use. There are premium subscriptions too for cloud storage.

Do You Have To Pay Monthly For Zmodo App?

Yes, if you subscribe to their cloud service. Otherwise, you can choose the yearly subscription for a discounted price.

Where Are Zmodo App Pictures Saved?

Any Screenshot or Video snipped of the is saved in the “Events” section of the application.

Final Verdict

This app has already proved its worth to its millions of customers. If you want to enjoy your vacations and keep a good eye on what’s happening at home, the Zmodo is the perfect video surveillance software system.

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