View Your IP Camera With XMEye App

If you search for a surveillance application on the internet, you will find a wide variety of them. Most of them are great CCTV apps, but the costing is too much to afford for an average person.

XMEye app for PC is one of the fewest apps that are best in their fields. It not only has all the premium features, but it gives them all for free. So, if you are searching for a free surveillance app that is not less than any paid one, the XMEye app is the one for you.

What is XMEye App?

The XMEye stands for “Xiongmai Eye.” It was developed as a free cloud home monitoring app for its users. It can be used on IP cameras too. The vast cloud storage capacity makes it attractive for the users because it is free, unlike other CCTV apps that require a monthly or yearly subscription.

You can use the XMEye app on your Android and Apple devices. You can also use the XMEye app on Windows by using an Android Emulator. We will show you how.

Best Features of XMEye

It’s time to unveil some best XMEye app specs that will inspire you to download this app and use it on your IP camera.

DVR/NVR Support: The XMEye app will connect to cameras supporting both DVR and NVR. It means that now you can save and access the footage from both the cloud storage and internal/external storage. You can store your CCTV videos on your hard drive through DVR (Digital Video Recorder) and on the USB device through NVR (Network Video Recorder).

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Serial No./QR Scanning: Effort-less camera inclusion is one of the best features of the XMEye app. You only need to enter your camera’s serial number that you want to connect in the app, and it will be connected.

There is a QR code given on IP cameras. Scan your XMEye device barcode, and that camera will be included in the app. You can also locally create an AP network of your cameras and connect with your app.

Live Interaction: The XMEye app allows you to watch what’s happening in different parts of your home. You can check the live footage whenever you want. But the XMEye app has taken the live CCTV to another level. Now you can interact too. You can zoom the footage to have a more in-depth focus.

You can tilt your camera left and right to double-check that everything’s going fine. It allows you to pan the camera upward and downward too. Most importantly, you can use the XMEye app and cameras as a speaker too. Use your voice to say hi to your kids, warn your dog not to chew that shoe, or scare the burglars away.

Family Friendly: Some apps are for individuals; however, this app can be shared among other people if you give permission. Your family also needs to keep an eye on the house, mostly if all of you are on vacation. It’s good to connect your cameras with more than one device.

If the motion detection sends an immediate alarm, all those connected to XMEye app with the same ID will be notified, which can be useful given the condition.

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Record and Screenshot: Recording your CCTV video is possible, thanks to the XMEye app. You can register your live footage, save it in the cloud or local storage, and view it later whenever you want. Likewise, you can also take snapshots through it incase if you want just a picture, not the entire video.

Here are some other notable features that you do not want to miss out:

  • Automatic Updating and Support
  • Shake to Search
  • Easy Cloud Login
  • Intercom and Audio Support
  • Customizable Interface
  • Videos Sorting

Problems Encounter With XMEye App

Although it provides a lot of benefits, there is nothing perfect and it still has some flaws. Check out the list below to see the following:

Playback Skipping

If you are viewing a playback video of your home at the XMEye, it seems to skip some of the parts. Sometimes the skipped durations could be longer, which will make you lose sight of important events.

Unnecessary Permissions

After installing the app, it will require permission for phone calls. At the same time, the surveillance is not in any way connected with making calls. This makes the customers uninstall the app as they fear privacy issues.

Full Brightness

The XMEye app turns your phone brightness to its fullest. Even if you lower your brightness back, the moment you reopen the XMEye app will again increase the brightness even at night.

Full Screen to 16:9

The latest update of this app now plays videos at 16:9 instead of full screens. If your device screen is not large, you will miss out on little details.

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How to Download XMEye for PC – Windows/ Mac Guide

Follow the steps to download the XMEye app on PC using the NOX Player Emulator. The method also applies to the Mac version as well.

  • Go to the NOX Player Website.
  • Download the latest NOX Player emulator.
  • Install the Nox Emulator on your PC.
  • Enter your Google Credentials into your NOX Player.
  • Open the Google Play Store.
  • Type the “XMEye app” using the search bar.
  • Click the download button to install.
  • After that, you can now run and enjoy the XMEye application on Windows PC by clicking its icon from the Nox Player.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does XMEye App Collect Any Information?

Apart from asking to manage phones and calls, this app does not collect any user info.

2. Is XMEye App A Chinese App?

Yes, the XMEye app is a Chinese application developed by Huangwanshui.

3. What is Push Alarm?

This lets you notify whenever an event happens. Turn it on if you want additional security.

Final Words

The XMEye is undoubtedly one of the best free surveillance applications with such important free specs that no other application offers. Make your house and workplace secure by installing the XMEye app right away. Share it with other significant family members and virtually take care of your sweet home.

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