Sing Like A Pro With Voloco App

Your dream of singing like a Professional background artist can become real. We are introducing you to this fantastic voice app, “Voloco Auto Voice Tune + Harmony.”

This nifty app is available both for Android and Mac. The good thing is you can also download the Voloco app on mobile, or even PC using the stated guide in this article.

What’s Special About The Voloco App

Voloco Auto-Tune app is one of the most top-rated Karaoke apps. The X-factor of this App is its vocal synchronization. It detects your voice’s key and provides you a suitable pitch and melody following the song you are singing.

Moreover, it processes your voice through vocoding, meaning it will synthesize your vocals and add harmony and auto-tune. Surprisingly, all of the mentioned processes happen in real-time so that you get the best playback singing experience.

Voloco App Attributes

Let’s check some of the coolest features the Voloco has to offer to its users.

Audio/Video mode

The Voloco Voice Harmony app lets you sing melodious audio songs. You can practice your playback singing through this App. It would be highly helpful to those who have upcoming singing auditions.

In this age of YouTube, Instagram, and Tiktok, sometimes the audio isn’t enough; you have to perform too. The Voloco app took care of this need and introduced its video playback option also. Now you can sing and perform in front of the camera at the same time. There is no obstacle in becoming a social media star now, thanks to this App.

Easy Sharing Feature

What’s fun in singing when you do not have the option to share them with your friends and family? Well, in Voloco, you have plenty of opportunities to share on almost all of the major social media sites.

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The Voloco team is also available on almost all the social media, so don’t forget to tag them in your videos, and they might give you a shout out in return.

Top-chart Tracks

Do you want to record your voice in a top rating track? Well, you are here at the right spot as Voloco has a pretty good collection of background tracks that will not only enhance your singing, but they will be perfect if you want to send someone a sample of your singing.

App to App Exporting

Sometimes you wish to record and enhance your vocals on a specific platform, and edit/mix them on another app. This feature lacks in some of the Singing apps.

However, the Voloco Autotuner gives you complete control of what you want to do. If you’re going to do a vocoding of your voice and mix it somewhere else, you have got all the liberty to do it. Record your voice, export it to the other app, and edit it the way you want.

Free Features

Though some Voloco Premium features come with a monthly or yearly subscription, there are some incredible free features.

All the primary functions and options are free, including singing, adding track, saving the song, and sharing.

Loads of Beats

In the library of tracks, you will find a wide array of beats to sing. It’s up to you if you want to rap like Nicki Minaj or perform a Jazz solo like Amy Winehouse.

What Are The Best Genres To Feature Your Vocals In This App?

The Voloco proudly features eight best vocal preset packs. The diversity in these preset packs is wondrous. Let’s brief you a little about these.

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The Starter Preset

This preset is specifically designed for beginners. You will find a high-quality dual auto-tune in this, which will amplify your vocals greatly. The harmony and vocoder will work like a charm here along with ultimate noise reduction for perfect depth and clarity.

The Modern Rap-I preset

It will add the thickness of a rapper in your voice. The stereo track will generate an excellent grinding effect from your voice, and you will sound just like Eminem.

The Modern Rap-II preset

You will find a more diverse harmony along with impressive vocal effects in this preset.

The P-Tain preset

This preset is for boosting your vocals in RnB. You can also rap with excellent pitch correction.

The Bon Hiver preset

All the rich harmony and vocal enhancing that you desire will be found in this preset.

The 8-bit Chip preset

Ever played video games of the ’80s? Yeah, the effect of this preset won’t be different from that.

The Duft Pank preset

Go all electric with this preset just like a famous electronic band.

The Sitar Hero preset

Do you want some spiritual music? Try this Indian classical music inspired set.

Some Drawbacks Of This App

There might be a lot of features that can be beneficial for its users. However, it still has some drawbacks. To find it out, check the information below:

Cracked Audio

The audio track gets sometimes cracked after recording, which does not sound pleasant at all. The noise reduction also needs up-gradation.

Lack of Free Features

All the Voloco Premium features are paid, and basic functions are free. If one wants to be more professional, they need to buy the premium Voloco version, which can be costly.

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Method for Downloading Voloco for Windows PC using an Emulator

Are you planning on using this app on a computer? In that case, follow these steps to download Voloco for Windows 10/8/7 using KO Player emulator:

  • Open your web browser and go to the main page of the KO Player.
  • Install the KO Player to save it on your computer.
  • Launch the KO Player emulator and then enter your Google ID from the Google Play Store.
  • Start looking for “Voloco: Auto Voice Tune + Harmony”
  • When you find the Voloco app, hit the install button.
  • After installation completes, the Voloco app on your Windows or Mac PC can be run from KO Player’s home menu.
  • Create a new account or log in to the Voloco to use it.

Common Queries From Its Users

How do I use Voloco on my PC?

You must use a fast Android Emulator like the KO player. In case you want an alternative, you can choose Bluestacks, LD Player, etc. to enjoy Voloco on your PC.

What is the Voloco app?

It’s a free voice-processing app for you to create pitch-perfect songs.

Is KO Player Safe?

Yes. But you must only get the installer from their official website only.

Wrapping Up!

If you have the passion for becoming the new singing idol, then don’t waste your time and get the Voloco app right away. Learn how to sing with modern techniques and polish your vocals to a great extent.

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