Make Wonderful Videos With YouCut App

If you are looking for a video editor with various capabilities, wonderful features, and fast-processing, YouCut is the perfect software for you. This free program is one of the top-rated video applications you will find at the App Store and Play Store.

It has very good ratings on the market and a lot of people love using it. However, it is only available on smartphones and tablets. But this is not a problem anymore because there still a way to use it on Windows or Mac. And we will share with you the installation guide of the YouCut on PC along with its features, and its usage.

About YouCut App

YouCut is a free video editing program that will let you edit, trim, split, merge and join the videos. The ample amount of effects and transitions make it a perfect app for making movies and videos for YouTube. There are millions of downloads of this app and it still continues to rise due to its great capabilities.

One of the most notable features of this app is being totally free and does not need any purchase to remove the watermark. If you want to get more features of this app, continue reading on.

Features Of This App

Let us describe some of the most notable specialties of this app.

1. Speed Adjustments

Adjusting the speed of videos was never that fun before. Now you can change your videos to a higher speed for swift action, or a relatively lower one for a dramatic effect. The adjustment levels can range from 0.5x to 2x.

2. Trim and Cut

This app allows you to trim or cut your videos freely. The trimming will not affect the quality of the video. Add some special music to the trimmed video, apply cool effects, and show off your aesthetic videos on Instagram.

3. Stunning Slideshows

Through the YouCut app, you can embed your favorite clicks and make a video out of it. You can also add your desired tune to the video, or you can select the music choice from the pre-recorded set of tracks in the app.

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Not only this, but you can also put video clips and merge them into a single slideshow too.

4. Crop, Zoom, and Flip

Want to remove unnecessary space from the video? The cropping feature lets you crop the video to an aspect ratio. You can also customize the ratio according to your choice.

Zooming and flipping the video is also available in the list of features. Another thing is you can rotate the video as well as convert it upside down.

5. Filters and Backgrounds

The diverse range of filters is too good to miss. Now set these awe-inspiring filters to your videos to enhance them even more.

To add more fun, the background feature allows you to set a new background to the videos. You can either go for colorful backdrops, or you can even add a blurred background for a professional look for your Facebook and Instagram stories.

6. Texts and Captions

There is an option in the YouCut that allows you to add the text of your choice. YouCut will let you resize the text according to your will. Multiple color options and fonts are also available.

Advantages of YouCut App

These advantages of this program will attract you to download the YouCut application:

No Ads

Usually, apps that are related to editing and movie-making contain lots of ads, but fortunately, this is not the case for YouCut. There are absolutely no ads that can bug you while you are focusing on your work.

No Watermark

While most popular video editing apps have their watermark and logo placed on the video after an edit, the YouCut app does not leave any watermark. This makes the video more subject-oriented and less distracted.

Unlike most of the apps, YouCut does not ask you to pay for the removal of the logo and watermark, and that is why it is better than others.

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This application is free of cost. You have to download it and enjoy its striking features.

Unlimited Features

All the features of this editor are unlimited. From cool stickers to mesmerizing backgrounds and subtle effects, YouCut gives you all. You do not need to buy additional features from the store, which is the case for most of the video editors. The YouCut gives you rich and full features.

Crystal Clear Quality

The YouCut app does not compromise the quality of the video at all. The input and output will comprise of the same quality. It will not ask you to rate them, watch ads, or pay them to save a high-quality video.

It also compresses big files into relatively smaller video files that can be easily uploaded on social media. The compressed videos do not lose any quality even if they are in 4K.


There are a lot of advantages to this app that stands out among many other video editors. But still, it got some prominent issues:

No Undo/Redo

A video editor always requires certain re-touches, which includes lots of adding and negating. The lack of undo and redo options can create a big mess if you want to make some changes. It may lead you to start your project over again.

Lesser Speed Options

The speed options for the video are quite typical. There is no such option for the supersonic fast pace of extreme slow-mo that is often required by some users, so YouCut lacks in it.

Slow Uploading

There is an issue with uploading videos on the app to edit. It can take several minutes to load the video, which is often time-consuming, especially if the work is urgent.

How To Download YouCut For PC Using An Android Emulator?

Since this is an android app, the only way to install it on Windows is to use an Android emulator. LD player is the best option to choose from the list of emulators. It is one of the latest emulators with regular updates, fast speed, and almost no lagging which is perfect for running an Android video editor app.

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The procedure to download YouCut is quite simple. Follow these steps and you’ll get it in no time:

  • First of all, download the LD player Emulator on your computer. Use the Google search to find it on the internet.
  • Save the installer and then, of course, run it when it completed the download.
  • Accept the terms and conditions and proceed further to the main screen.
  • Add your Google account once you open the Google Play Store to use it.
  • Search for the program “YouCut” and download the app.
  • After the installation of YouCut, go back to the menu of the LDPlayer and then click the YouCut program to run it.
  • In this way, you have completed the installation of the latest version of YouCut on your PC. It is now ready to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

A. What is YouCut?

YouCut is a video editing tool developed by InShot. This app is best and popular for making videos on YouTube and social media.

B. Does YouCut have a watermark?

No. It does not have a watermark on the videos.

C. What other emulators can we use for YouCut?

We can also use Bluestacks, Andy, and Nox Player.

D. What is the alternative of YouCut?

If you feel that this application is not for you, you can use CapCut because it provides the same features as YouCut.

Bottom Line

Although there are numerous video editing tools available on the Google Play Store these days, none of them gets close to YouCut due to its free availability, a wide array of specifications, and efficiency. And of course, it does not have any watermark which is a big plus on this video editor.

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