iCSee – The Perfect Home Surveillance Program

If you are searching for a security app that is free and provides excellent customer service, then go with the iCSee app. This makes your home and workplace safe and sound by managing your IP cameras through it.

In this article, we will discuss all the iCSee Home CCTV monitoring system, we will also include the summary of this app’s brilliant features. And of course, we will also demonstrate how to use iCSee on Windows computers.

How Does The iCSee App Works?

Let us start with how the iCSee functions. this application was developed to connect IP cameras to see the Live CCTV footage of your home, no matter where you are.

This revolutionary app not only works with cameras, but it can synchronize with other smart home appliances as well. You can connect your home locks, doorbells, and any device that is compatible with the iCSee app.

The technology also supports Digital Video Recording (DVR) and Network Video Recording (NVR). DVR will allow you to use, store, and retrieve your Digital Footage on a storage space such as hard drives and SD cards. NVR will let the IP cameras connect to the Wi-Fi and store all the data on the network.

What are The Best Features of iCSee?

iCSee is equipped with some of the best surveillance characteristics, which can prove to be useful, especially if you are not around. Take a look at them:

Live Footage of Events

Want to check what’s happening at your home right now? No Problem! The iCSee app is there to show you a Live CCTV video of your home. You can access multiple cameras and choose which part of the house you wish to see.

The High Definition cameras align well with the app to show you even the little details with a more precise resolution both at day and night.

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Audio Interaction through Cameras

Now this key feature lacks in many digital apps and devices, but iCSee has got us covered by providing us the option to use our voice, which will exhibit directly out of the camera speakers.

This feature is handy if you have pets at home. If you see them meddling with things they are not supposed to play with, give them a shout out, and they will stop for sure. It can also be used to avoid theft at home or to just talk with people around your camera.

Flawless Motion Sensors

Now you can detect any suspicious activity at your home with iCSee cameras and their app. It will alert you through notifications so you can quickly see what’s happening on the other hand and alert the authorities if there is any sign of danger.

Incredible Zooming and Tilt/Pan Movement

This app not only shows camera footage, but you can also use the cameras and point them to different directions too remotely. The zooming property can make you zoom towards any particular point towards the camera. Though the quality may not be perfect in zoomed vision, it can still help you.

On top of all this, you can rotate your camera lens both vertically and horizontally. It will assist you in looking out for your home even better. The motion sensor also follows a person wherever he goes in the camera radius.

External Storage Option is Available

It gives you an option to watch the footage on your cloud storage, or you can store specific footage in your external storage such as an external hard drive, or a flash drive devices as well.

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Some Limitations Of iCSee App

Camera Movements can Freeze

The app does not seem to respond to the tilt movement all the time. Sometimes you will command the app to move the camera, but it will not execute the function instantly even though you have a good internet connection.

Recording Halts in Offline Mode

This application can sometimes freeze during operation and displays that you have gone offline due to a poor internet connection. It can still occur even if the internet is working fine. In case this happens, the video feeds will stop and you won’t be able to connect to it for a while.

Absence of Push Notifications

Push notifications in an alarming situation alert the customer to take a look at some suspicious activity. However, there are some reported cases that the app can sometimes exhibit abnormal behavior, and it would not show you critical alerts.

Install Guide Of iCSee On PC Using An Emulator

You can download the iCSee app for Windows 10/8/7  PC. If you are using one of the following listed Operating System, read and follow the steps to install the iCSee app using the Nox Player Emulator. Follow these steps until the end to install it successfully.

  • Go to the website of the Nox Player and download the emulator. Save the file into your desktop for easy access.
  • After downloading the Nox Emulator, please open it and accept all installation terms.
  • Once you finished the installation, open the Nox Player emulator and then run the Play Store.
  • Now its time to enter your credentials of Gmail into the Play Store so that you will be able to access it.
  • After you completed the account integration, look for the iCSee using the search function of the Play Store.
  • There will be a button for download, click that and it will start saving to the emulator.
  • Once you completed that, the iCSee app will display on the main screen of the Nox Player, and it will be ready to use.
  • Click its icon to start using the iCSee on your Windows PC or Mac.
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Which app can be used as an alternate for the iCSee app?

You can use the gCMob or iVMS-4500 as an alternative app of the iCSee app. These apps work great on PCs as well as using an emulator. Keep in mind that the IP camera you are using must be compatible with the following app to use it.

How to install the iCSee app on Windows or Mac?

The ICSee app can be only install using an emulator on PC. If you are looking for an installer for Windows or Mac. Unfortunately, you won’t find it because there is no version dedicated for this Operating System for now. You have to use an emulator as an alternative way to run it on your computer.

How to refresh the iCSee cam?

Go to the camera, there will be a reset pinhole at the side, insert the pin, and your iCSee camera will notify you with a sound that reset is done.


The iCSee app is packed with incredible capabilities you needed for an IP camera management app. Its motion sensors, camera tilting, voice controls, and easy-to-use interface has made it one of the most sought after home security apps. You can easily download and install the iCSee app on your PC with the help of an emulator program.

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