Create Fantasic Animation With FlipaClip

Are you interested in turning your dreams into animations? Do you want to show the World the artistic side of yours? Well, we have got just the right drawing app for you as the Flipaclip app will make all of it happen.

The Flipaclip is a top-rated video animation app that will take you to the imaginative world of cartoons and sketches. It’s time to broaden your mind, take out the canvas, and draw whatever you want on it.

It provides you all the amazing animation tools. You can draw, add stylized texts, edit over layers, and play through an animation timeline.

With the Flipaclip app, you can put life into your animations, add music of your liking, and put on some mesmerizing effects to make it a Disney-level movie. With the frame-by-frame technique, you can add details as much as you want.

This app is very popular due to its flipbook style. Moreover, the abundance of free features is what makes the Flipaclip app so high in demand.

Specs of the Flipaclip App

Although there are loads of specialties inside the Flipaclip app, some shining features are too good to miss. Let’s have a brief Flipaclip overview.

Layer It Up!

Animations are all about adding textures and layers to make your cartoon look realistic. This problem has been solved with the assistance of it. Now you can add up to 10 layers to your animation to have the real Hollywood VFX experience.

Audio Induction

The Flipaclip app brings you an exclusive feature like never before. You can now add multiple audio tracks to your animation (up to 6).

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Moreover, now you can narrate your voice and include it in your videos. Importing audio files was never that fun before. You can add your own or include default music packages present in the Flipaclip app.

Draw The Dream

With the Flipaclip app, you have the power to draw anything you imagine. You will find tools such as Brushing, Color fills, Rulers, Erasers, Lasso, etc.

The canvas size would be 1920×1920 to give you a full wide-screen interface. The Flipaclip app is designed to work perfectly with a stylus.

Funky Fonts

Want to add a caption or text to your video? Say no more. This animation app provides a wide collection of fonts to its users. Pick a font style of your choice and place it on the animation in whatever position you like.

Animation Adventure

Introducing the all-famous Flipaclip frame-by-frame feature. This easy-to-use tiny feature is the most innovative one in this app. Practice your drawing skills on each frame and try to enhance the details until you perfect it.

All the frames can be seen and optimized through the frame viewer. The onion skin tool is there to develop more traits of your imaginary cartoon.

Cartoonify Me

We all once wanted to turn ourselves into animated characters. That is possible now. The Flipaclip app has the picture drawing tool, which allows you to create an animation outline by putting your photo on top. It’s just like a stencil!

Create and Spread

Create magical animations through the Flipaclip app for laptop. Flipaclip also gives you the option to convert your animations into bigger MP4 files or smaller GIF ones. Rich PNG format for Flipaclip pictures is available.

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Share your Flipaclip app with your family and friends. The Flipaclip app will allow you to share your animations on TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Let’s Compete

How to show off your awe-inspiring creations to the global community? Well, the Flipaclip app has solved this matter by adding lots of free challenges for its users.

These challenges are free to join. Flex your best designs, compete with others, and get a chance to win amazing prizes.

Some Drawbacks of The Flipaclip


There is a big issue when we add more layers to the Flipaclip app. The application will become extremely slow and sluggish. It will exhibit abnormal behavior and ultimately lead to an app crash.

Nothing is Free

Almost all of the features in the Flipaclip app require payment to be accessed. The premium features are a must to draw better animations. Free tools are available, too, but they are not enough to create a perfect drawing.

Zooming is a Mess

Adding precise details requires a good amount of zooming. The zooming feature in the Flipaclip app somehow is not up to the mark. The app lags as soon as you zoom the image, which makes the user harder to animate.


There are lots and lots of ads in the Flipaclip free version. It can create a big disturbance to its users. These ads can also make the app crash badly.

Guide To Download The Flipaclip App On PC and Mac

In order to experience this exclusive animation app for smartphones on a Windows PC, we will use an emulator to download it. In this guide, we will use the MEmu Play to download and run the FlipaClip on PC.

  • First, go to
  • Search and download the MEmu Emulator installer right for your Windows version.
  • After downloading it, open the MEmu and install it.
  • After that, open the MEmu play, then run the Play Store.
  • Provide your Google ID to log in to Play Store.
  • Search for “Flipaclip: Cartoon Animation Creator & Art Studio.”
  • Click the download to install the Flipaclip app on your PC using MEmu.
  • The free version of the Flipaclip app will be installed in this way.
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Questions from the Animators

How Much Does Flipaclip Cost?

The Flipaclip app is free to download. The in-app animation features might cost you around 6 to 15 bucks depending on your needs.

Is Flipaclip Good for Animation?

Yes, the Flipaclip app is great for drawing and animation. It’s fast and easily accessible and has a friendly interface.

Is Flipaclip Available on Windows 10?

With the help of the MEmu emulator, you can enjoy your Flipaclip app on Windows 10.


The Flipaclip app is beautifully designed for beginners and professionals. There could be some minor issues, but this app has made a deep impact on all the animators and cartoonist communities. Download the Flipaclip app on PC right now and experience all the aesthetics of an animator.

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